Round up of Building Regulations Seminar 2022

Our colleagues at Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council toured our county to meet many of our customers, clients and community to introduce and explore the key changes to the building regulations, due to come into force this June. 

Are you #FLOSReady?

We welcomed over 100 delegates across our three seminars and got some fantastic feedback, insightful questions and great engagement throughout the week. A huge thank you to all those that attended, it was great to see many of you in person, at our first event after a two-year hiatus. 

The upcoming changes to building regulations have been billed as the biggest changes in the industry in over 30 years. With updates to Part F (Ventilation), Part L (Energy Efficiency), Part O (Overheating) and the introduction of the new Part S (Infrastructure for charging electric vehicles) there was a lot of ground to cover as well as diving deeper into the Building Safety Bill and it's wider implications for our industry, including a new regulatory body for Building Control. 

If you didn't get a chance to attend we have listed a number of resources at the bottom of this post, including free access to listen again via our webinar. Additionally, we'd be happy to discuss anything you'd like to know more about and even arrange 1-2-1 opportunities for your company to learn more about the changes. 

We can't wait to be able to welcome you to our next event and hope we can offer more CPD opportunities to our local builders, architects and industry professionals in the future. 


If you would like to catch up on our presentation then you can email Babergh and Mid Suffolk Marketing Officer, for a link to the webinar and further information about receiving a certificate of completion to evidence for CPD. 

In addition, the Net Zero Carbon Toolkit, as mentioned in the presentation, can be accessed and downloaded here:

Babergh and Mid Suffolk also have made the slides available online as well a round-up of the FAQs received throughout the week.

We'd welcome any questions, comments or feedback from the events, please feel free to drop us a line.

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